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Russian Engineering and Manufacturing Сompany is focused on development and implementation of non-standard technical solutions and advanced technologies in Electromechanics and Powertrain in International and Russian market.



We are glad to present newest local project:

ZETTA - Zero Emission Terra Transport Asset


We are pleased to present newest local project: ZETTA - Zero Emission Terra Transport Asset. ZETTA is the multifunctional compact module transport platform on induction e-wheels with individual controllers

Main Development Parameters:

1) Flexibility
2) High road performance
3) Economic expediency
4) Ecological performance.


Usage of advanced technologies and up-to-date approaches allows us to develop transmissionless 4x4 platform with capsular cab connection.

Need identification in social and municipal transport


Development of monocapsule body prototype


Development and production of e-wheels.


Сapsular cab and chassis connection allows to produce on one platform vehicles of different purposes from sports and entertainment cars till utility and commercial vehicles. Under this project the line of electric vehicles could be produced with category A, B, C, D with high level of passive and active safety (city cars, social, municipal and commercial vehicles)

High road performance: 

Electronic ABS/ESP. Each wheel control of drive torque, power and speed of rotation makes possible to realize any “electronic assistants” without component base changing/ adding.


Combined brake system with separated electric and hydraulic circuit solves all issues of safety, reliability and maximum of energy recuperation.

Induction e-wheels of our own production provide the highest specific drive torque with power demand less on 30-55% then world analogues for 100km drive range.

Economic expediency: 

The technology of induction e-wheels production does not need the difficult materials and components. Absence of expensive torque transfer mechanisms (transmission, reduction units, drive gear) on platform provides low production cost and high reliability of service.

Ecological performance: 

Zero emission of e-motors combined with service system, changing and recovery of electric batteries realize the wildest imaginings of the clean air and low price-oriented day-to-day transport use.

Prototype production and road- drive test 


Development of module capsule solutions