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Russian Engineering and Manufacturing Сompany is focused on development and implementation of non-standard technical solutions and advanced technologies in Electromechanics and Powertrain in International and Russian market.



ZETTA is a multifunctional compact modular transport platform on electric asynchronous motor-wheels with individual controllers.

We are pleased to present: City Modele 1 ZETTA (Zero Emission Terra Transport Asset). Multifunctional compact module transport platform on induction e-wheels with individual controllers

Main Development Parameters:

1) Flexibility
2) High road performance
3) Economic expediency
4) Ecological performance.



Development of serial production technology

Production of pre-series samples

Development and production of e-wheels.


The development of the project provides for the creation of a series of electric vehicles of categories A, B, C, D with a high degree of passive and active safety (urban electric vehicle, social and municipal equipment, commercial cargo electric vehicle).


On the basis of the project, scientists are working out the latest neurocontrol technologies

High road performance: 

The electric car has two configurations: front-wheel drive, with one asynchronous gear motor and all-wheel drive, with an asynchronous gear motor and wheel motors on the rear axle.


The 2+2 seating formula is ideal for everyday travel in modern urban agglomerations


Keyless entry, branded app, electronic assistants and an advanced battery management system ensure safety and comfort


Economic expediency: 

The production technology of asynchronous motors does not require scarce materials and components.


The steel space frame and plastic panels provide a high degree of passive safety, affordable manufacturing costs and operational reliability.

Ecological performance: 

Zero emissions from electric motors, combined with a centralized system for servicing, replacing and recycling electric batteries, will realize the wildest dreams of clean air and affordable transport in everyday use.

Making a neuromobile prototype

Implementation of the neurocontrol prototype

Continuous improvement of technologies